Tips for Decorating a Bathroom

Decorating a bathroom can be a project that completely changes the look of the room, even if you're just going for a layer of new paint on the walls and a little new lighting. The thing is, decorating a bathroom badly is also easy to do, and the newness won't be countered by the problems of a mismatched, bad looking bathroom. With a little consideration and some simple rules, though, decorating a bathroom can be easy to do, and you'll have something that looks wonderful.

Start with Planning a Motif

The easiest way to ensure that decorating a bathroom will have successful results is to start with a central motif to tie in all your decorating changes. This will not only make it easier for you to have great results from your decorating project, but it will also give you a way to narrow down the choices for what you need to purchase, from paint to fixtures.

Do you want a retro look? Get polished chrome fixtures for a sleek look and colors to go with it? For a beach feel, try a sandy colored paint or a light blue, like the sky, and add a single picture or two to help support the theme.

Consider Building Materials

When you're decorating a bathroom, you need to think about what you'll be using for materials. This goes in particular for the floors. Different flooring materials, from vinyl to marble, all have drawbacks. Things like marble, for instance, look great but are going to be slick when wet. Natural-looking tiles and some ceramics will give your floor an interesting, textured look, but may ultimately be harder to clean.

Plan Your New Fixtures

Remember that to support your motif, you may need new fixtures as well. For the previously mentioned retro look, plenty of polished, shiny surfaces may work well, and you may want to take things one step further, finding a sink that has a great vintage look. Similarly, there are claw-foot bathtubs that might add more character to your bathroom than a simple tub or shower.

Of course, taking it beyond new faucets when decorating a bathroom is an expensive thing to do, so be careful and watch your bottom line. If it's too much, find a motif that works within your budget.

Coordinate With Softer Materials

Decorating a bathroom isn't all tiles and metal fixtures. What will really round out your bathroom's look is the use of cloth material to complete the look. Be sure to purchase towels that match your bathroom's new look, and the same goes for the shower curtain.

Even something such as a set of blinds in the bathroom needs to fit into the new look somehow, so make sure to get these new things to support the look you want. Remember, pick a look you want, stick with it through the planning stages, and consider materials carefully, and you will have a bathroom you can be proud of.