Country Bathroom Decorating Provides a Warm and Welcoming Look

Country has come a long way since the frivolous knick knacks, pastel colors, and ducks of the eighties. Today's country is clean and simple, while radiating a warm welcome to all who enter. The bathroom is the perfect room to bring a little bit of country indoors, and it won't take much time or money to get the look that you are hoping for. With a few elements in mind, you can personalize your country bathroom decorating to reflect your own tastes and lifestyle. So get ready for a trip to the country, and bring a relaxing ambience to a room that your family spends plenty of time enjoying!

First Things First: Color and Material

Country has gone from the peaches and blues of the past to a neutral palette that can sport a splash of rich color. Forget the pastels, and go with a deep burgundy or green for a touch of elegance, or a complete neutral array that will offer a peaceful setting for all who enter. The most important thing to consider when selecting the colors for your country bathroom decorating is to keep the background neutral, and add the color to accents like rugs and towels. This way, it will be much easier to switch the look of your room when the mood strikes you.

Materials that are used in country bathroom decorating come from warm woods and other natural products. Wicker, iron and linen can be good choices for your curtains and accessories. Why not select towel rods in a rustic iron rather than your typical chrome? Add plenty of wicker baskets for style and storage, but don't be afraid to throw in a wire basket or two as well. A braided rug can make a nice substitute for the classic bath mats that you generally see, as long as it is made from material that can handle sogginess well.

Using Accessories to Give Interest to your Country Bathroom Decorating

When it comes to accessorizing in your country bathroom decorating, go for the old and the handmade items first. Instead of purchasing a new cabinet to store your toiletries, search for an antique dresser or an old cabinet from a farmhouse kitchen. Collect old canning jars for storage of necessities like cotton balls and Q-tips. An antique pitcher can make a great accent that will prove to be useful in holding fresh or dried flowers. Hang old family photos or samplers on the walls, and use an antique tray on the counter for keeping makeup or perfumes neatly on display.

Country bathroom decorating is only limited by your imagination and the found items that you come across that will bring function and fun to this small but stylish room. Let your personal tastes be your guide in creating the perfect country retreat for you and your family.