Achieving New Bathroom Decorating Trends

Contemporary bathroom decorating trends implore strait lines and clean angles to create an over all aesthetically pleasing effect. Contemporary designs also use natural materials like wood, stone, and glass instead of things like plastic, acrylic or other synthetic materials. Staining wood cupboards in natural wood tones, stone countertops, and clear glass bricks for showers make a beautiful contemporary look when following current bathroom decorating trends.

When choosing to paint the walls choosing natural colors which bring the outdoors inside will complete the contemporary natural look. Painting the ceiling a pale blue, the walls a soft green, and tiling the floor in neutral browns or grey tones will create the feeling of a sunny day into the smallest room of most homes.

Retro Decorating

When interested in creating the retro style bathroom decorating trend, white wash is one of the keys. Many designers white wash all surfaces of the bathroom to make the bathroom seem to jump back in time a few decades. Adding additional features such as painted wood contrasted by a clear glass shower or a white painted border to a mirror are some examples of how to achieve the retro effect.

Having the claw bathtub feel with out breaking the bank on finding a retro relic is now a reality with the Primm bath basin by MTI Whirlpools. It's an acrylic bath basin, available in over two dozen colors, with a separate cast iron base which is available in many nature inspired designs including cat tails; this is a new take on an old idea.

Bathroom of the Future

For people who like gadgets following the futuristic bathroom decorating trend can be easily achieved with some very tech-savvy items; some of these items are the automatic bath, nifty shower heads, and even a smart toilet. The automatic bath will fill the bath tub to the correct level and temperature, plus it will provide 10 second refill cycles to keep the temperature and depth perfect.

So many different shower heads are available including the adjustable shower heads and double showers. The adjustable shower is on a metal arm which will adjust from around 48 inches to over 56 inches. The double shower head provides two separate jets of water at different levels for the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

Most ingenious of all is the smart toilet, it's creators say it could save marriages, that might not be far from the truth; this potty is so cleaver it automatically closes the seat and cleans it self after every use. The smart toilet is tank-less, heats the seat, provides a gentle warm water spray, and warm air drying to make personal hygiene futuristic in its own right. More over the toilet is bright enough to lift its lid for you when you approach.

Following the latest bathroom decorating trends while maintaining individual taste and style can be achieved with a little research and great imagination. Building on these ideas are sure to help anyone create the bathroom of their dreams.