Bathroom Decorating Themes can give your Room and Identity and Style

The bathroom is a great place to incorporate a theme into your decorating style. While some bathroom decorating themes are done to the point of becoming clich├ęd, there is always a way to bring a new look to an old style. Bathroom decorating themes can run the gamut from a mountain retreat to a beach bungalow, and everything in between. Kids' baths are also a fun place to bring in a theme that will reflect your children's tastes and interests. The advantage of using a theme in your decorating plans is that it will make it much easier for you to coordinate that particular room into one color palette and style. It also makes it fun for the collector who relishes the hunt for items that fall into a specific theme or style.

Bathroom Decorating Themes for the Young

Kids' bathrooms can be dolled up in everything from "the wonders of the sea" to "dog day afternoon." If you are on the hunt for a bathroom decorating theme for your children's bath, start by asking them what they would like to look at every day. Is your house filled with a host of sports fans? Or perhaps a favorite book theme would suit your crew better? How about a pretty bathroom that is fit for the princesses that you live with? Take some time to think about the types of interests and tastes that your children possess. It is also a good idea to hunt through some stores or catalogues to see what bathroom decorating themes might be readily available.

Bathroom Decorating Themes for the Young at Heart

When it comes to your own bath, this is a great opportunity to bring some whimsy and creativity to a room that you spend plenty of time in. Don't be afraid to put a beach theme into a home that is located in the chilly northeast, or a warm cabin in a Florida patio home. This is your private spot, and it should inspire you to relax and dream in the way that you like best. Your bathroom decorating theme can be a more generic one as well, such as a country cottage or a contemporary room with a vision. You can bring in the look of the rest of the house for coordination purposes, or you can come up with a bathroom decorating theme that is completely unique from the rest of your home's style.

Keep in mind that no matter what type of bathroom decorating theme you select, it is a good idea to keep your floors, walls and countertops neutral, and push the theme with the accents and accessories. That way, if you decide you like the beach one year but prefer an English garden the next, you will be able to transform your room with minimal cost and effort.