Three Ways of Bathroom Decorating on a Budget

What a budget decorating saves the bank can be spent on the time it will take to do the job properly. Bathroom decorating on a budget can achieve professional results if the person doing the decorating is willing to put the effort into it.


Paint is fairly inexpensive and can completely redecorate a bathroom on a budget. Most paint costs around $15 a gallon and many bathrooms will only need two to three gallons of paint for most bathrooms.

The time spent in a technique that will make bathroom decorating on a budget look professional can be less than it would seem to by the way it looks. For example, using textured rollers to create a pattern in the paint can make the job look more professional, especially when layering colors to create designer effects.

Also creating designs such as lattice work, nature, or a two toned look with a border can spruce up a bathroom but won't cost too much money. Using multiple colors when implementing these designs can create depth which also looks more expensive then it actually is.


Using tile for decorating a bathroom on a budget is a wise idea. Tile can be purchased for very little money and with the proper time taken to install the tiles can look very professional. Buying a book specifically geared towards installing tile in a "do it yourself" capacity will ensure a quality job can be achieved.

The technique chosen to lay the tile is also important, mosaic designs look designer quality if done properly, but can be quite labor intensive. Setting tile evenly in strait lines and with equal amounts of calking or grout can also take a lot of time and effort.

To make the room look even more expertly finished textured tiles, painted tiles, or larger tiles all lend to a more polished effect. Textured tiles may be found at whole sale or in discontinued styles; also painted or large sized tiles can be found for a lower price at discount stores in addition to whole sale or discontinued styles.


Decorating a bathroom on a budget often means improving what is already there. Staining cupboards can make them look new. Staining can also be used on furniture or other wooden items, matching all the staining in a room can make a small bathroom seem larger.

Decorating a bathroom on a budget can be simple and give very high-end results. Taking the time to learn a technique and follow through with that technique will make the bathroom look like it was decorated by a professional designer but will cost little enough for most anyone.