How To Tackle DIY Bathroom Plumbing

Most people will happily attempt a spot of DIY in and around their home. But when you mention the idea of DIY bathroom plumbing, most of them will decide against it and get a professional in.

It's true that for major plumbing work it often is advisable to get an expert in to do the job for you, but not every plumbing job is beyond the reach of the average householder.

DIY bathroom plumbing can save you a lot of money, but it can also cost you money if you try to fix a problem that is beyond your capacity to solve. DIY bathroom plumbing requires honesty on your part if you are to get the results you want.

What Kind Of Help Do You Need?

Before starting any kind of DIY bathroom plumbing job, find out as much as you can about what needs to be done first. Ask for advice at your local plumber's merchant or DIY store. Is it a job the average person could do?

If the cistern lever in your toilet needs replacing, for example, it can actually be a lot easier to fit a whole new push button flush system than trying to replace a single part in the existing system. Never assume that a job is easier or harder than you might think - find out first what you're up against.

It may also be worthwhile to invest in a self help book on basic plumbing problems and how to solve them. A book aimed at the householder should be written in straightforward terms and will help you to decide whether you are able to tackle a DIY bathroom plumbing job yourself, or whether you should call in an expert.

Two Hands Or Four?

Another common mistake is to underestimate whether you are capable of doing a DIY bathroom plumbing job yourself. This has nothing to do with strength or capability. You might need someone to hold something for you while you make a repair or fit a new item, for example.

Make sure you think about the job from every angle before you begin. Having someone else to help you is a good idea regardless of whether you think you will need them or not; if something goes wrong you've got an extra pair of hands to help you solve the problem.

In short, certain DIY bathroom plumbing tasks can easily be done yourself with a little preparation. Just make sure you have the number of a good plumber handy first, just in case.