Using Decorative Bathroom Wall Tile

Using decorative bathroom wall tile can add a splash of design to your bathroom. You should start your design with the main bathroom wall tile which should be made of ceramic, porcelain, marble or limestone. Small tiles used to be popular, but large tiles are starting to become popular and there is still a wide variety of patterns to choose from. In addition most don't settle for the standard 4-by-4 tile anymore. Now there are rectangular tiles, twelve inch tiles and more that allow you to mix and match your bathroom wall tile into a pattern you life. After the wall focus on areas you want to emphasize such as the shower stall, the deck of a whirlpool tub or the frame of a vanity. Keep these to confined areas like the shower stall if you are worried about resale value.

Options For Design

There are nearly endless option when it comes to decorative bathroom wall tile. There are wall tiles for borders that feature raised rope or seashells for those wanting a ocean theme in their bathroom. In addition there are hand painted porcelain tiles and multi-colored glass tiles. If you need a tile for your bathroom you are bound to find something that matches your needs and your style as well.

Another change in the trend is the finishes. Shiny finishes used to be popular in bathroom wall tile. But now most want a matte or rustic finish to their bathroom wall tile. There are also tumbled marble and honed limestone that gives a casual look along with a blend of soft looking earth tones. These have irregular shapes and a muted appearance unlike the polished stones.

If you want soft, earth tones you should consider camels, sage and creams. Natural stones works well for ceramic patterns. Real granite is also another option for bathroom wall tile. For an Old World look consider tumbled marble. For randomly placed accents, borders or a full wall consider using glass and metal tiles.

If you are going to use many of these materials then you want to make sure you blend them together right. The key to this is shades, textures and color tones. You can put nearly anything together from ceramic and natural materials to glass and marble as long as you make sure the color work together properly. Always think out your design carefully in advance and make sure you blend everything properly. This way you will have the perfect bathroom wall tile design.