Finding The Right Bathroom Vanity

If you are planning on remodeling your bathroom then you will likely find out soon that one of the major decisions you have to choose is what your new bathroom vanity is going to be. Consider all the choices and pick a bathroom vanity that is right for you and the style of bathroom that you are going to be having. There are two basic bathroom vanity types that you have to choose from, either built in or freestanding.

Built-in is a bathroom vanity base with a solid countertop that installs against a way and looks like a part of the bathroom structure. Then for those who are remodeling to get a modern bathroom d├ęcor there is the free-standing bathroom vanity. These have a wider range of unique designs available which make them popular with those who are remodeling for a contemporary bathroom. In addition these types of vanities offer more visual space for the smaller bathrooms.

Choosing The Top

The most common type of bathroom vanity top is either marble, ceramic or granite. The sink is the most integral part of this top and it often forms a one piece unit. There are some vanity tops that have a cut-out which allows you to place the basin of your choice into the top. If you can't find a top that you like there are many manufacturers who will offer you a custom made top at a reasonable price. This allows you to choose the placement of your sink and the shape of the bowel as well.

Do It Yourself

If you are considering doing the installation yourself then you should consider all the difficulty that is involved in connecting the supply lines and drain. While the modern sink and faucet have made the do it yourself task of installation easier it can still be a problem getting to the connecting points. Much of the problem comes from the fact that you can't move the bathroom vanity base to get to the water lines which usually means you find yourself inside the cabinet in a hard to reach area trying to tighten a nut.

When it comes to choosing the bathroom vanity for your home make sure you take the time to look through all the home remodeling stores in your area to get a feel for what the common options are. Then if you need something more than what the stores are offering you can go online to look for additional styles. Remember that you can take the time to research, but once you purchase you are stuck with it unless you want to pay extra money and waste extra time. So be sure you choose your new bathroom vanity carefully.