Tips For Small Bathroom Storage

Make people seek bathroom storage options especially if they have a small bathroom that is lacking storage option. This can also be especially important if you don't have a closet for storing towels, soaps and other toiletry items. If you have forgotten something or find something nearly gone you don't want to leave the bathroom to get it. Although you can still find the necessary bathroom storage even with a small bathroom. By making the most of the available space in a small bathroom you will have room for storage or you can hire a carpenter to implement some creative bathroom storage ideas. No matter what the size of your bathroom you can have the needed storage space.

Storage Over The Toilet

Over-the-toilet shelving and cabinetry is one of the best bathroom storage ideas if you don't have a lot of room. A over-the-toilet storage unit that sits on the floor doesn't require much room on both sides, just about ¾ of an inch and then you can open up a lot of bathroom storage above your tank. Most home improvement stores have a variety of ready-to-assemble over-the-toilet storage options. If you simple need an extra cabinet or a few extra shelves for your bathroom storage then this can be an excellent option.


The tiered hanging baskets used in the kitchen can also be an ideal bathroom storage option. If you have an extremely small bathroom this can be a creative way to gain storage space. You can use this option if you have an empty corner or an area that isn't blocked by the door. You can easily use these baskets for stacking and storing rolled washclothes and hand towels. You can also use them for beauty supplies and toiletries. Only your imagination can limit the use of these hanging baskets. Use some satin ribbon, hanging vines or silk flowers to dress up your hanging baskets to match with your bathroom décor.

Under The Sink

Even if you don't have a cabinet with your bathroom sink you can still use the space underneath for bathroom storage. You can store non-personal items on open shelving such as towels, washclothes, soaps and lotions. For added bathroom storage you can add freestanding shelves beneath the sink and you will find that you never considered or even noticed this area before for bathroom storage purposes.

In a small bathroom you can never have enough shelves. Take advantage of any wall space you have and store as many shelves as you need for bathroom storage and as many as you can fit in practically. An entire wall of shelves will do wonders for increasing your bathroom storage needs.