Types of Bathroom Scales

You will likely be in for a surprise if it has been a few years since you looked for bathroom scales. At one time bathroom scales were limited to just two kinds: mechanical or digital. Now the modern bathroom scales do more than just weigh you, they have other functions and some even come with wireless technology.

Bathroom scales today range from inexpensive models that are simple to a feature-rich and expensive option. The mechanical bathroom scale has pretty much been replaced by the new digital bathroom scale because of their reasonable price and more accurate displays. People could have a hard time reading the traditional dial on analog bathroom scales. There are lines marking off weight increases and numerals only appear at full increments with analog bathroom scales. This can make it hard to gauge finer weight increments. Rather digital bathroom scales use a liquid crystal display or LCD screen to give a number with decimal points and no need to read a dial.

You can often find digital bathroom scales that are inexpensive and report weight in half-pound increments which is find for most people. There are digital bathroom scales that report the weight in smaller increments but they are more expensive. There are a few that measure down to 50 gram increments which means that even drinking a cup of water will register. These types of bathroom scales are often preferred by athletes who need refined and accurate measurements.

Then for those who don't want to look at an LCD screen at their feet or have trouble seeing it there are wireless bathroom scales. These options have removable and separate LCD screens that look like travel clocks. You can place this screen anywhere you want and the information is transmitted wirelessly from the scale to the screen with radio waves. Then you can easily read the screen wherever you are and don't have to strain to see the number.

Additional Features

The best addition to bathroom scales is the ability to provide additional information about the body such as percentage of body fat, water weight and muscle weight. There are a few models that also let you input information such as height, age and gender to get the best and most accurate results. This makes the bathroom scale an excellent tool in helping individuals to achieve and maintain the best weight for a healthy lifestyle. Some scales will even tell you the number of daily calories you need to maintain your current weight or to get to your ideal weight.