Types of Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs don't need special or unusual materials, but there are some things you need to consider especially how wet your bathroom rugs will get. When it comes to choosing bathroom rugs there are two types available: those that are specifically designed for use in the bathroom and those that aren't. This may seem like a broad description, but it helps start the understanding of which bathroom rugs are most suitable and if there is anything you must consider before placing a rug in the bathroom.

Rugs For The Bathroom

Often the rugs designed specifically for bathroom use are very plain and made either of cotton or chenille. This is because these types of bathroom rugs are less susceptible to water damage than something like wool. The variety of these bathroom rugs is similar to their price range which can start as low as four dollars. You can often find them in a variety of dimensions so that you can find one that specifically fits within the size and shape of your bathroom.

The most common is the cotton bathroom rug which is just a flat, thin mat cut to fit into various bathrooms. Cotton is a durable material, but these bathroom rugs can wear out over time if they are dried out properly. Chenille bathroom rugs are typically made out of Rayon, Acrylic or polypropylene. These man made bathroom rugs are a good choice since they are very durable against constant water exposure. A new option for bathroom rugs is bamboo which have many benefits and the only drawback is the fact that they are not soft on your bare feet.

There are other types of rugs that aren't specifically designed or the bathroom, but will work there. Just remember that you need to dry them out properly like a cotton rug or they will become damaged beyond repair. Since some rugs are inexpensive this may not be an issue for some people. One such option is the kelim rug from Persia, China, India or Turkey because they dry out quickly and have less chance of promoting mould or mildew.


Most bathroom rugs are easy to wash since they were designed for use in water areas. While you can usually use a washing machine it is a good ideas to check the washing instructions on all bathroom rugs first. Use stain removers if you need to get a stain out and wash the rugs separately by color just as you would clothing. You also shouldn't wash your rugs with clothing and make sure to rinse the rugs thoroughly. Some rugs may be tumble dried in the dryer while other require naturally drying.