What To Consider Before A Bathroom Remodel

Before doing a bathroom remodel there are some things you need to consider. Despite the small size a bathroom can be a very difficult place to remodel. In order to have a successful bathroom remodel you need various skilled trades people and any little mistake can be very costly. Before deciding on a bathroom remodel make sure you consider some things very carefully.


First you should consider the new room dimensions and what it will look like after the bathroom remodel is complete. Then you should consider the positions of the current doors, windows and skylight. If you are going to have to change any of these areas during the bathroom remodel then you need to factor in additional cost, time and trades people to complete the task.

Determine how much time it is likely to take to complete the bathroom remodel. Then determine a schedule of how you are going to do the remodel around your day to day life issues as well. If you have no other bathroom the consider what you are going to do for the duration of the bathroom remodel. Are you going to use the local gym, a neighbors house or some other choice for your shower and bathing needs.

Before finalizing your decision over which professionals you are going to higher make sure you check to see that they are qualified, licensed and insured. Make sure both you and the professional are clear on what you want done during the bathroom remodel before you finalize any contract, pay out money and begin remodeling your bathroom.


Planning ahead and hiring certified professionals will help you avoid three major problem areas. If you don't organize your professionals in the right order you will have skipped stages, extra work and extra costs. So make sure the right people are coming at the right time to do your bathroom remodel. Make sure you consider all of the basics in your design plans including cavity space, concrete walls/floors/ceilings and any existing plumbing and circuitry. Make sure you consult the professionals before choosing fittings or fixtures since you could end up making unsuitable choices.

Do It Yourself?

Many may think they can do a bathroom remodel on their own and save a lot of money. However, only the basic renovations can be done by the owner. Most of the other aspects of remodeling require complex and difficult work that should only be done by skilled professionals and they must be done in the right order. Things that you can do yourself include choosing the color scheme and style; selecting fixtures and fittings; removing and installing simply items such as hooks, towel rails and painting.