Choosing The Perfect Bathroom Mirror

Okay, so you've just redecorated your bathroom and you're now on the look out for new accessories to finish it off. You may have a theme in mind for these - a seaside or beach hut theme for example - but whatever you want to buy, a bathroom mirror should be top of your shopping list.

Do It Yourself?

You may not think of yourself as a do it yourself enthusiast, but it's quite possible to make your own bathroom mirror, and it doesn't have to be hard either.

If you happen to be good at working with wood, you can always design and make your own frame, but for the majority of us it's quite possible to cheat and buy a ready made bathroom mirror with an unfinished frame.

Buying it unfinished means you can decorate or finish it in whatever way you like. You can varnish it, use paint effects to age it, paint it in a complementary color to the rest of your bathroom, or be completely different and decorate your bathroom mirror in a totally different way.

You might like to think about what style your bathroom is decorated in before deciding how to decorate your mirror. If you have gone for a nautical style bathroom you could use lengths of rope and sea shells against a blue background. Simply glue them on with clear waterproof glue.

Here's another idea - how about creating a truly personalised mirror? It's possible to use your favorite photos to cover the whole frame, covering them with a layer of clear varnish to protect them. Whatever product you use, make sure it's suitable for use in bathrooms.

Ready Made Mirrors

Of course you may prefer to buy your bathroom mirror ready made and ready to hang. There are mirrors available for every size budget, so be sure to shop around before you make your decision.

Think about what style and colors you have used in your bathroom, and look for a bathroom mirror that fits that style. Stainless steel can bring a modern look to a bathroom, but it needs to be polished regularly to keep it looking good. Fingerprints can ruin the look of it, but a little baby oil on a soft cloth will give it a brilliant finish.

Any wooden framed bathroom mirror can be harder to keep clean as the frame can't be polished unless it is varnished. Be aware that over time the steam from showers and baths can affect the finish.

Whatever kind of bathroom mirror you go for, make sure it's a design you can live with, as you'll be looking at it every day of your life.