Spicing Up Your Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom hardware is a very important decorative accessory. There are magazines, catalogs, websites and stores that cater specifically to bathroom hardware. The old chrome spigots and spouts are a thing of the past and if that is what is found in your bathroom, a trip to the nearest decorative store is very important. Bathroom hardware consists of bathtub and sink fixtures, shower fixtures, toilet fixtures, door and cabinet knobs and towel holders. If chrome is still your metal of choice, at least try a stylish design or regional theme; such as French, Italian, Spanish or Tropical. Bathroom d├ęcor is the new decorative genre and updating old bathrooms is very much the scene in the Interior Design world.

Shower Hardware

Bathroom shower hardware has come a long way baby. No longer is there a plain spout and two water handles in a shower. Special shower heads to change the strength of the water has been around a few years now, but new designs have these same shower heads directed face down over your head. A rainwater effect, as some companies advertise them. There are shower sprays that come from the sides of the shower for the upper body and lower body. These shower heads are put into the walls of the shower and you can direct the stream to whatever part of your body needs the water. There are computers that even set your water temperature for you before you ever turn the water on. No need to wait for the cold water to disappear before stepping into your nice warm shower. Heated towel bars are another bathroom hardware fixture that is almost standard in every bathroom. Turn it on before you get into the shower or bath and you will have nice warm towels when you step out. This bathroom hardware fixture is perfect for cold winter mornings.

The bathroom hardware itself comes in assorted colors and metals. The metals are the most popular of the hardware choices. Gold, pewter, nickel and copper are the number one choices in the metal bathroom hardware. Colored porcelain is another popular choice for bathroom fixtures. Of course the sink, toilet, shower and bath must all match in the same metal. Different styles of fixtures such as twisted, brushed and decorative finials are all very popular today, as well. Antique, but updated fixtures are very common also.

It's not difficult today to update a bathroom. Changing out bathroom hardware is an easy and inexpensive way to change the look of your bathroom and much cheaper than tearing it out and starting all over again. If changing hardware is not in your budget then try changing the cabinet knobs and pulls. This bathroom hardware can be found at any large decorative hardware store. The choices are vast and sure to make your bathroom look fresh and new again.