Points To Remember When Deciding On Bathroom Floor Plans

At first glance bathroom floor plans seem easy to produce. You need room for a bath or a shower - maybe both - a toilet and a sink. After that it's all just decoration, right?

Well, not necessarily. When you are designing a new bathroom, it's always worthwhile taking the time to produce several bathroom floor plans in order to see which one works best. It's easy to make changes when your fixtures and fittings are drawn on a piece of paper, but it's a different matter altogether when they are already plumbed in and you find there isn't as much room for that extra large bath after all.

What Are Your Needs?

When deciding on various different ideas for your bathroom floor plans, think about how you use the bathroom layout you have at the moment. Which features do you particularly like? Which ones have always irritated you? What would you really like to have in an ideal world?

Assuming you have a budget with an upper limit of some kind, you will probably find you have to make compromises on your finished bathroom floor plans. However with that in mind, you should always strive to make sure the compromises are on style and not on practicality. Remember, you will have to use your bathroom every day, so it will pay to think through any issues you have with space (or lack of) before you buy any fittings.

Planning Your Bathroom

Make sure you design your floor plans on scale paper. Work out a scale that is easy to use and cut out the exact measurements for the bathroom suite you have in mind. When you draw the room itself, make sure you include windows, doors, radiators and any other fittings that may affect how you design your bathroom.

You also need to bear in mind that if the plumbing for your existing suite has to be moved, that cost will have to be accounted for. It's very easy to move a drawing of a toilet, for example, but moving it in reality is a major job, and can be very expensive. Try and keep it in its existing location if you can.

Bathroom floor plans can be great fun to design, but you need to keep your feet firmly planted in reality when you are creating them. You need to be able to meet the cost of your designs, and be left with something you can enjoy every day once it is finished.