Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

When it comes to bathroom fixtures they can either underscore the style of your home or simply be a neutral backdrop. There are a few things you can do to change the accompanying accessories and help your bathroom fixtures complement your homes style. The task isn't the difficult and can actually be a fun experience for those who like the idea of decorating.

Selecting The Right Accessories

If you are unsure what category bathroom fixtures fall into then be sure to ask the dealer if the fixture is modern or traditional. Modern bathroom fixtures are noticed by their angular and ultra-streamlined appearance. These type of bathroom fixtures work well in a high-tech and minimalist environment. Traditional fixtures look more embellished and reflect a classical feeling. These types of bathroom fixtures work well with country, antique, colonial and other similar bathroom environments. Pay careful attention to the embellishments. Modern bathroom fixtures are likely to have a geometric or swirl design while traditional fixtures will typically have a fluting or floral design.

For those who want a traditional bathroom you should consider a bathtub with claw feet or an elongated pedestal base to reflect the classic design. For a more classical approach you can also choose a sunken marble or Roman-style tub. For a modern style bathroom you should consider a curvy whirlpool or rectangular tub that has a square tile design surrounding it.

Next in bathroom fixtures comes your sink options. A modern, high-tech look can be found in a streamlined pedestal sink or one that shows off the plumbing. Traditional environments work well with marble or marble-look sinks. There are many sink and vanity-sink combinations to choose from so you are bound to find one that works with the style and theme of your bathroom.

Even your toilet and shower doors can fit in with your style. The bathroom fixtures for the shower door can be plain glass, frosted or beaded or stained glass. Wall-mounted and low profile toilets work well for modern bathrooms while taller more antique models with oak seats and tanks work for a traditional style.

If you plan to change your d├ęcor frequently then it is a good idea to pain your bathroom with plain styles and neutral colors. Make sure the faucets and showerheads you choose are ones that complement your bathroom fixtures. Porcelain and brass combinations are popular with traditional bathrooms while gooseneck and waterfall faucets are more popular with modern bathrooms.

Your towel bars, hooks, medicine cabinets, cabinet hardware and other metal fixtures should coordinate with your faucet sets so be sure to choose your bathroom fixtures carefully. Stick with white for a color since this seems to work with both traditional and modern bathrooms. This way you don't have to worry about your paint scheme going out of style anytime soon.