Why Have A Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

There are many pieces of hardware that are absolutely essential in a bathroom. You will need a toilet, sink with running water, light fixture and (if large enough) a tub or shower. But one of the most essential items in a bathroom which a lot of people just take for granted, is a bathroom exhaust fan. A bathroom exhaust fan will keep the air circulating and remove any unwanted odors. In a bathroom which has a tub or shower, the exhaust fan will eliminate the steam from the bathroom. Another use for a bathroom exhaust fan is to drown out the unwanted noises from the rest of the world while taking a long bath.

Public Restrooms

Unfortunately, public restrooms do not have bathroom exhaust fans. The large public restrooms now have a sensored odor spray to help deter unwanted odors. These public restrooms have from 6 to 20 stalls. Some smaller public bathrooms which contain one toilet may or may not have a bathroom exhaust fan. It depends on the facility that it is located in and how comfortable the establishment would like their patrons to feel. Actually, all public restrooms of any size need bathroom exhaust fans along with sensored odor eliminators.

Couple Bathrooms

It is very common today for a married couple or significant others to have separate bathrooms. Even married people need their privacy. For those unlucky enough to have to share their bathroom with a spouse, a bathroom exhaust fan is absolutely essential. As we all know, when men do their stuff in the toilet the odor is intolerable. A separate toilet area in a shared bathroom has helped these couples out immensely; however, a bathroom exhaust fan is still needed to satisfy everyone's needs. Most gentlemen who share their bathrooms with their spouses are relegated to the powder room to do their business. Powder rooms, because of their small area, generally have the strongest bathroom exhaust fans. Since a woman spends twice as much time in a bathroom as a man, it is of utmost importance that the gentleman do his very personal business in a separate bathroom or at least a separate toilet, preferably one far away from the master bathroom. The idea of separate bathrooms for couples has saved an enormous amount of money for these couples on marriage counseling or anger management. Statistics show that the divorce rate is higher in marriages where there is one master bathroom with no bathroom exhaust fan. It is remarkable how one little piece of hardware, such as a bathroom exhaust fan, could make such a difference in a marriage.