Choosing New Bathroom Designs

Despite the expense involved in updating these rooms, new bathroom designs in your home can make grooming a joy instead of something that's merely a chore. Over the last few years, bathroom designs have started to branch out and develop into new looks for bathrooms that are sure to impress you or anyone interested in visiting your home. Let's take a close look some of the things you must consider when looking at new bathroom designs.


One of the big changes in bathroom designs today is the increasing popularity of pedestal sinks. As the name suggests, rather than resting on a vanity, pedestal sinks rest on a decorative pedestal that hides the pipes and allow the artistic looks of the sink itself to add to the d├ęcor of your bathroom. Still, the tradeoff for this great look is a loss of cabinet space if you're getting rid of a vanity, which may mean you need to add a set of wall shelves to store your towels if needed.

The Bathtub

Another area where the options have increased for bathroom designs is with your bathtub. One thing to consider is that designs have moved beyond the standard rectangular tub, instead going with tubs that display a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to be more comfortable than taking baths; even if you don't currently take many, you might with a more comfortable bathtub, so that's something you should consider.

Alternately, those who don't feel any need to soak in the bathtub might choose to save a little space in their bathroom and instead install a shower stall. A shower stall can save space and can make a small bathroom seem roomier than a bathtub will, but you do, of course, trade off some functionality.


The floors of your bathrooms should also be given consideration when designing bathrooms. Not only are materials such as ceramic or stone floor tiles more affordable and more popular, but little luxuries, such as a installing heated flooring, can make a big difference in ensuring that you have a comfortable bathroom. Little touches like the heated floor can make a big difference in turning your bathroom designs from merely okay to stunning.

As you can see, changing trends in bathroom designs are leading to new and innovate looks for various bathrooms, with tubs that are more customized to your needs, sinks that double as works of art, and floors that are a pleasure to walk on. When you start to remodel your bathroom, consider what you'd like to include in your bathroom designs, and enjoy a better bathroom experience.