Bathroom Decorating Ideas Start With Wallpaper

There are thousands of bathroom decorating ideas and most of them begin with changing the wallpaper. This is a quick fix, relatively inexpensive and will change the entire look of your bathroom. Adding decorative towels and rugs to match the wallpaper will totally transform your bathroom. Bathroom decorating ideas also can begin with changing paint colors. Changing your walls from a dull white to a bright blue or yellow will certainly make a new statement. Again adding contrasting towels or similar towels with new cabinet pulls and knobs will make a totally new bathroom. So even if you don't have a particular theme to your bathroom, updating with new wallpaper or colors can make your bathroom decorating idea look like something out of a magazine.

How To Start

To begin a bathroom decorating project you need a bathroom decorating idea. Start by thinking back in your memory of all of the bathrooms that you have been in (and there should be quite a few) and which ones actually stand out in your mind in a positive manner. Then try and imagine that look in your home. If it is even close to a possibility, your bathroom decorating idea has begun to take shape. Now look through magazines and books until you find a bathroom that reminds you of the idea in your head. If you are still satisfied with this bathroom decorating idea then go to a large hardware store and start to price out some of the fixture changes you might want to change. If you are not changing fixtures, then check out wallpaper stores or paint colors for your new bathroom. Go to some bath stores and look at the prices of new towels, towel bars and accessories. If everything looks affordable after this trip, then your journey begins. It is always a good idea to make sure the entire bathroom decorating idea in your head is relative to your budget. There is no need to buy all of the accessories new. Sometimes you might already have something around the house that you can reuse or maybe you can find something at a resale shop or garage sale. It is really ok to incorporate your own items with new items. Usually, these older items will sometimes look new when combined with new colors, wallpaper and a few new accessories

It's fun to come up with and implement your own bathroom decorating ideas, but if the entire job seems insurmountable to you, then it is quite possible that you need to hire an interior designer. These designers are professional decorators and all you have to do is tell them of your bathroom decorating idea and they will do all the rest. It doesn't get any easier then that.