The Popularity Of Bathroom Décor Ideas

There are numerous decorating books, videos and TV shows which tell the average person how to decorate their homes themselves. Bathroom décor ideas are a major part of this decorating genre. There are many ways people can decorated their bathrooms from the very traditional to the latest innovative technology. Bathroom décor ideas are a major part of the focus for new home builders. Bathrooms are not in the backseat of decorating anymore and are not just focused on wallpaper. Space planning, window style, hardware and fixtures and innovative plumbing are all part of bathroom décor ideas.

The Outside Look

One of the most popular bathroom décor ideas is bringing the outside into the bathroom. This bathroom décor idea usually has an open shower concept which is located in the center of the bathroom. Usually, large floor to ceiling windows will line one side of the bathroom to face a beautiful lush garden setting. This garden is enclosed with high walls for privacy. Sometimes this garden is a small outdoor atrium with soft lighting at night. A large Jacuzzi tub will sit next to this window so that when bathing you get the true quiet spa feeling. If this is an upstairs bathroom, the window can overlook a beautiful lush yard with fountains or a pool. The tub side will also have a sink area with heated towel racks and a large sit-in shower in the center of the bathroom. This bathroom décor idea will have natural light coming down into the shower area from a skylight just above the shower. This natural light will also light up the entire room during the day. Night time will, of course, bring moonlight and starlight into the bathroom. The opposite side of the room from the tub will be another sink area with wall to wall mirrors. A separate room will enclose a toilet and sink area and this area will also be lit with natural light from a skylight. This bathroom décor idea will also have many live green tropical and flowering plants throughout the bathroom area. If the bathroom is large enough, sometimes a tree will be planted next to the shower area. Natural stones are used whenever possible, instead of the usual which porcelain. This bathroom décor idea also calls for bamboo accessories wherever possible.

The gamut of bathroom décor ideas is immense. There are children's bathroom décor ideas, animal and royalty décor ideas. Using an interior designer to help you get the bathroom of your dreams is an excellent. Designers are skilled and experienced to know what will and will not work in a bathroom. Have pictures to show what you want and be sure and understand why you want a certain look. Because people use their bathrooms daily it is very easy to become bored with a particular theme. But have fun with whatever bathroom décor idea you choose and because of all of the resources available to the public today, try and accomplish the look yourself.