How To Use Bathroom Ceramic Tile

If you want an excellent cover for you bathroom walls consider bathroom ceramic tile, it is durable, resistant to dampness and easy to clean. You can find bathroom ceramic tile that is both very expensive and inexpensive. It is also one of the main classic choices when it comes to decorating a bathroom. Bathroom ceramic tile is made from either clay, shale or porcelain then fired at high temperatures until it hardens. You can also find bathroom ceramic tile in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and textures. You can choose between squares, rectangles, hexagons and octagons. There are also accent tiles that are narrow or diamond shaped pieces.

Tips For Use

If you want a slip-resistant surface in your bathroom consider using unglazed bathroom ceramic tile. These tiles are excellent to use in wet areas since they have a rugged surface texture and a matte finish. Although you will have to clean them more frequently since they will absorb both oil and stains easily. The best options for these are quarry tiles, porcelain tiles or terra-cotta tiles.

To give your bathroom a dramatic look consider using white or cream colored bathroom ceramic tile and a colored grout such as "blue". Apply a sealer to the grout line areas that will have heavy wear such as the countertops. This can help preserve the color of the grout and protect it as well.

Use glazed bathroom ceramic tile if you want a virtually stain proof floor surface in your bathroom. With these tiles a glass layer is applied and then it undergoes very high heat in the kiln. The glass liquefies and fuses to the tile. You have an unlimited choice of colors, textures and designs when it comes to glazed tiles. At one time glazed tiles were only used for light residential to medium commercial use, but today technological advances have produced hard glazed tiles that are durable enough for strong commercial applications.

You can add excitement to your bathroom ceramic tile with floor accents or small splashes of color with custom pieces. Using a large rectangular decorative piece in the center of the floor is an excellent option. Consider a Victorian, Mexican or Moorish design for something exciting when it comes to bathroom ceramic tile.

To tie all your bathroom ceramic tile together use your bathroom accessories. Make sure your towel bars, soap dishes and toothbrush holders blend in with your bathroom ceramic tile. Make sure you used glazed tiles that can withstand household cleaners especially if you are going to put them on the countertop.