A New Idea In Bathroom Carpet

Not very many people have wall to wall carpet in their bathrooms, but with the new technology today and new home trends in self decorating, bathroom carpet has a chapter of its own. You can now buy cut to fit bathroom carpet. This carpet is 100% olefin and completely backed in non-skid latex. You simply get out the scissors, lay down the carpet and cut it to size. It couldn't be any simpler. However, this type of bathroom carpet is best used in very small bathrooms or powder rooms and it is a good idea to leave tile or linoleum around the toilet area in case of emergency overflows. This carpeting comes in all colors from extremely plus, to thin enough to make a nice covering for the floor. Since this bathroom carpet is relatively inexpensive, suffering a flood on the floor will not put you out much money. You simply roll up the carpet and throw it away. If you have overflows every week this is probably not a very good idea. The whole point of having a bathroom carpet is so you can keep carpeting on the floor. Having to change it monthly or more is not a convenient option. But for a powder room that is not used very much, wall to wall bathroom carpeting is a very good idea.

Large Bathrooms

Larger bathrooms will probably work much better with area rugs. These are the rugs that all linen and bath stores sell. There is a rug for under the sink, around the toilet and in the main area of the bathroom. Wall to wall bathroom carpet can be very tricky and difficult to install and manage in a large bathroom. Usually, over time, the bathroom carpet will tend to crush in the spots where wet footprints have trod. The shower and bath areas will need an extra carpet mat to absorb the large amounts of water that drip from bodies when stepping out after bathing. With such a large area that has water around and absorbed into it, it becomes very tricky to vacuum such an area. Plus, wall to wall bathroom carpeting becomes an expensive investment when used in a large bathroom. And even though they say it is non-skid, most large carpeted areas made out of this material will eventually get rolls in them from some movement. So, practically speaking, it is really a better investment to buy bath mats and area rugs for a large bathroom with a tub and shower.