White Bass Fishing - A Most Satisfying Sport

White bass fishing is a popular sport with beginners because of the relative ease with which one catch the fish if one happens to be at the right place at right time. Unlike the largemouth bass, white bass is relatively small and is rarely over three or four pounds in weight. White bass which has the scientific name 'Morone chrysops', is also known as sand bass or sandies and is fairly similar to the striped bass.

The white bass has a relatively short life span of about four years but is a very active schooling fish. It is unlikely that there are only a few white bass in a particular area. The joy of white bass fishing is in the sheer numbers that anglers can hook. Between the months of January and May, hundreds of thousands of them migrate up rivers and streams. They feed ravenously en route, making white bass fishing a fun sport.

A hundred years ago, white bass fishing was possible only in certain areas of the east and mid-west. Today they have spread all over the country, and as a sport, white bass fishing is gaining popularity in every state. A hybrid variety, known as the hybrid striper is bred in hatcheries which has the characteristics of both the white bass and striped bass.

The Best Time to Go White Bass Fishing

White bass fishing in the spring is an unforgettable experience. The fish flock to the smaller tributaries of major rivers and reservoirs of Arkansas, Texas and other places for spawning runs. Literally thousands of white bass congregate in small creeks, dam tail waters and minor rivers. They seek clear waters and can be spotted with ease. One just has to cast the tackle to get a bite and this can go on for hours! Many people use tandem rigged lures and catch two fish at a time.

It is not even necessary to get on to a boat to go white bass fishing in spring- one can angle from the shore. When you see a bridge with numerous cars parked alongside, chances are the occupants have stopped for a spot of white bass fishing. Most people however treat it just as a sport and release most of the fish right back into the water. It is common for the white bass fishing season to come to a close at some places, when the spawning run ends.