Lake Fork Texas Bass Fishing

Everybody who bass fishes on a regular basis knows about Lake Fork in Texas. This is proclaimed to be Texas bass fishing at its best. This lake is known far and wide for the underwater structure which provides an ideal home for bass.

Since 1978 the Texas Parks Department has been stocking the lake with large mouth bass. This gave the fish two years to grow and multiply before the lake was opened to public fishermen. This lake is known to have some of the largest bass in the state, if not the country. Many people have reportedly caught bass from this lake that weighs in excess of seven pounds. The current record is over eighteen pounds.

Texas bass fishing on Lake Fork can be a tricky experience if you don't do your research. The man made lake was created by leaving many of the grown trees in the area intact. This means there is a lot of under water brush and structure. If you don't know how to navigate the lake you could cause serious damage to your boat. The local area does have guides that can be hired out to show you the best places to fish and how to avoid hitting the underwater structure.

South Texas Bass Fishing

Lake Fork is not the only lake that provides great Texas bass fishing entertainment. Choke Canyon, Amistad, and Falcon are all great places to visit and try out your skills. The Texas drought situation had an adverse effect for a while but increased rainfall has restored these lakes back to a decent water level.

Choke Canyon is located in Choke Canyon State Park and offers many family planned events throughout the year. This allows family outings without the presence of bass tournaments. They will usually give prizes to the top winners on family days.

The best times to fish Choke Canyon are spring, fall, and winter. Summers tend to get hot and muggy and the bass do not bite as well. During the summer months the bass tend to go into deeper water which often provides a challenge for the novice fishermen. Deep water fishing tends to present more challenges such as underwater brush that is not visible. Many times you will get hung and lose your bait which could prove to be costly if it happens very often.

Texas bass fishing can be some of the most exciting times you will have. They have an abundance of large fish if you are crafty enough to find them. Since most bass fishermen will catch and release, the fish have the opportunity to keep growing and getting bigger. The one thing to remember though, the more they get caught, the smarter they become.