Envisioning Striped Bass Fishing - Croton Point Park

When the words "bass fishing" are mentioned the images that come to mind are either fishing in fresh water for largemouth and smallmouth bass or salt water fishing in sandbars or above wrecks for common sea bass. This is somewhat unfortunate as there is an additionally exciting bass species that is has a following of sorts on the east coast.

This type of bass fishing is stripped bass fishing. It is popular in the southern states such as North and South Carolina, but the most popular area would be New York State. In fact, the striped bass fishing Croton Park Point area remains one of the absolute most popular destination spots in the United States.

The Underlying Reason for Popularity for Striped Bass Fishing - Croton Park Point

If one is not familiar with the reasons for the popularity of striped bass fishing, all one has to due is look at a striped bass. It is not only the black striped that cross the bass' body that is striking it is the sheer size of these fish that is most striking. Yes, these fish are incredibly huge.

In some states, the rules regarding the minimum size required to keep a striped bass is 24 inches. (Yes, the striped bass must be a minimum of two feet to keep!) Of course, this should not be a problem if you are a striped bass fishing Croton Park Point fan as this area is known for maintaining a population of stripped bass that is fairly sizeable both in population and actual size of the bass themselves.

Striped Bass Fishing - Croton Park Point Vacations

What most striped bass fishing Croton Park Point fans will point out is that a fishing trip for striped bass is not very expensive. There are a number of options for those who wish to partake in a fishing trip to the area. Charter trips are quite common and small groups of individuals could book day trips for the 'stripers.' For those unable to afford a charter trip, there are party boats that offer relatively inexpensive day trips.

Also, these trips are fine for novices as the ships will generally provide help to those who have limited experience in dealing with large fish that are known for being fairly heavy fighters. Additionally, those flying in to the area from far away can find reasonable hotel accommodations fairly easily. Croton Park Point is a great spot for striped bass fishing. Give it consideration for your next fishing trip.