Pro Bass Fishing - Tools And Tips

There are several people who make their living traveling around the country pro bass fishing. They are the envy of every bass fisherman out there. These people compete in tournaments with hundreds of other fishers, searching for the largest bass in the area. They do not catch these bass by chance; they have studied the habits of the bass and they know what the bass are feeding on and where.

Pro bass fishing requires in-depth study of the habits of the bass and the conditions of the weather and what effect it has of the bass. The bass knows when the weather is getting warmer and will usually find shallow water where the temperature of the water is warmer. They like to hang around banks and underwater brush. This is the time when you will see the pros using a top water bait which makes noise and imitates something swimming on top of the water. This type bass fishing is rewarding because you can see the bass come to the top of the water to grab the bait.

Learning The Trade

Pro bass fishing is not something that can happen over night, nor is it an exact science. There are many tricks to learn and many habits the bass has that must be understood. Bill Dance has been America's top pro bass fishing expert for many years. He offers a training course that gives insight to the sport and tips on what bait to use. He also teaches casting techniques to land you in the right spot.

Part of the pro bass fishing course teaches the use of spinner baits and how to use them in all types of water and weather conditions. If you are really serious about learning the tricks of the trade, this course could be an invaluable tool.

Learning pro bass fishing techniques is only one part of the equation. You also must have the right equipment. This includes good rods, reels, baits, lures, and line. Without it you might as well stay at home. Many of these items are expensive. Some rods and reels can cost up to $500 but you don't have to have them all upfront. Start out small and add to your collection as you grow. You will find there are so many different types of rods and lures that you will never be able to own them all.

The best way to start is start out slowly and discover what tools work best for you. You might find that you enjoy top water fishing over using artificial worms or other artificial bait. The more you learn, the better you will be able to know what works for you.