Peacock Bass Fishing In Central And South America

One of the most exciting types of bass fishing is peacock bass fishing in Central and South America. The peacock bass is a thrilling fish to fish for and catch. The fish is a very aggressive cichlid which is known to damage fishing equipment with their hard strike and vicious fight. There are several species of peacock bass which people look forward to catching the largest being the Speckled Peacock bass which thrives in the warm tropical waters of Central and South America. Planning a peacock bass fishing trip to Central and South America is something that most serious anglers would love to consider and do. There are many fishing lodges and guides which can offer a terrific peacock bass fishing trip that will provide the experience of a life time.

Peacock Bass Fishing Lodges

There are several great peacock bass fishing lodges in Central and South America. Anglers can easily find and plan a trip. Some caution does need to be taken in making sure the lodge and area to be traveled in has a good reputation and will provide not only a good fishing trip but a safe environment for international travel.

One lodge any angler may want to check into is the Xeriuini River Lodge in Brazil. This lodge offers the only remote fishing on the Xeriuini River. The anglers will fish two to a boat with a local guide who can lead the fishermen to great spots where they can catch multiple peacock bass. The lodge consists of wood structures which sleep two people to each unit and offer air conditioning and private baths. The peacock bass fishing in the 130 mile long Xeriuini River will be sure to provide opportunities to haul in several fish in the twenty pound range. The lodge will cost about $3,500 a week per person not including airfare.

Another great lodge for peacock bass fishing is the Trophy Bass Lodge at Lake Huites, Mexico. This lodge which is owned and operated by bass anglers from the United States has great facilities and top of the line fishing. Lake Huites has gained a great reputation for the peacock bass sport fishing it offers and is considered one of the best spots in Mexico. The lodge offers suites for two to four guests that are quite comfortable and the dining experience will offer great Mexican cuisine as well as other tasty meals. This lodge offers a 3 day fishing experience for about $1250.

For another choice location for peacock bass fishing anglers will want to look into a trip to Pasimoni and Pasiba River lodges in Venezuela. These lodges are located in the Amazonas state where the peacock bass is truly abundant and thriving. Situated near an authentic Indian village anglers will not only have the opportunity for great peacock bass fishing but will be able to experience the rich heritage of the native people of Venezuela. This trip will begin in Caracas with a fly in adventure to the lodge for about $3950 per person.