The Allure of New Bass Fishing Lures

If you like to fish, there is nothing more inviting than the allure of new bass fishing lures. Every bass fisherman has experienced the call of new bass fishing lures. Your weekend is planned. Your wife has written up a honey do list that will take every waking moment of your time off. You know in your head that it isn't wise to even think about bass fishing, yet your thoughts wander to the new bass fishing lures carefully tucked in your tackle box. The next thing you know, you have rationalized why you can't do your chores and you and the new bass fishing lures are on their way to the lake.

New Bass Fishing Lures Make Waves

The most recent upgrade in bass fishing lures will make any bass fisherman ready to hit the dock. The newest innovation in lures is actually a nod to old school bass fishing. Fake worms have been around for a lot of years but the newest plastic worms to hit the bass fishing circuit are pretty inventive.

The Willy's Scented Worm is not like any other fake worm bass lure you have ever worked with. These new bass fishing lures are already rigged with three hooks taking the guess work out of baiting. They come in every imaginable color and smell delightfully like grapes growing in a vineyard. These lures have a natural curl in their hook that keeps the bass hooked. They also have a built in swivel that alleviates line damage.

When you use a plastic worm to catch bass, there are a few techniques that help your fishing foray to be a success. Cast your line out far and really work it, twitching and flicking it so the worm dances along in the water. As the worm spins along the surface of the lake, bass can't resist realistic movements.

Another great way to fool bass into attacking your plastic worm lure is to sink it through lily pads. You can tease bass into accepting your lure as you work it over and around aquatic plant life. The Willy's Scented Worm does a great job maneuvering through water plants without getting caught up in them.

If you haven't tried bass fishing with a fake worm lure, take the opportunity to experience the newly innovated Willy's Scented Worms on your next fishing trip. You will be amazed at the way these new bass fishing lures help you to reel them in again and again.