The Hypnotic Lure of Mexico Bass Fishing

A great country is one which you know well even before your first visit. The folklore about Mexico bass fishing is unusual, simply because it is true! Even moderated descriptions of experiences that globe-trotting anglers have in the magical land, sound far-fetched, just because the prospects are literally out of this world!

There may be other places where fishing amenities are at least as good as in this part of Central America, but what sets Mexico bass fishing apart is the seamless way in which creature comforts and top grade service are built in to the pristine water bodies which are in nearly their primordial states. Only your gear can remind you of the current Millennium as you land trophies at incredible speed in the lap of virtually untouched nature, but you could be in downtown Manhattan as you unwind with a hot shower and a chilled drink before a sterling meal.

3 Top Mexico Bass Fishing Destinations

This is one large territory, so you need volumes to do justice to all the variety of Mexico bass fishing! Nevertheless, there are a handful of lakes that no serious angler should miss. El Salto as a name does little justice to the unbelievable value which this lake offers. Relax if you have heard horror stories of endless travel in strange countries, because El Salto is served by the reasonably close by Mazatlan airport, which you land in direct from the United States. You can have a room overlooking the lake, stroll down to a boat, land memorable catch, and stay in comfort all at the same time. El Salto is a great introduction to Mexico bass fishing!

Discount reports of people having lost bass over 20 pounds at Lake Baccarac if you will, but a 1993 landing of over 19 pounds is on undeniable record. This is a place you should visit as often as you can if you aim to break a world record for the largest bass ever caught. Lakeside lodgings accommodate less than 25 people, making Baccarac just right for a charter direct from anywhere. Baccarac stock has been used in a new reservoir at Agua Milpa. The chief attraction of this site is that the season opens as early as March, though the elevation, which is over 2 thousand feet, means that you can visit in summer as well, without feeling uncomfortable. Most catches are within the 10 pounds limit, but you can look forward to land more bass per trip than anywhere else.