Sporting Challenges of Largemouth Bass Fishing

Purists object to the name because the largemouth bass is actually a sunfish. Its distinguishing features, which consist of an upper jaw reaching behind the eyes, a characteristic dent between the 2 joint dorsal fins, and the absence of scales in the second dorsal fin and tail, have nothing to do with a large mouth.

Taxonomy, popular names for sporting trophies, and outdoor recreation, are different things, so largemouth bass fishing enthusiasts do not worry about the origins and reasons for the naming of their favorite adversary. This band of sports people are focused on respectful planning and battles with a fish which is actually more of a living submarine!

Largemouth bass fishing separates the men from the boys, though only in a figurative sense, because this rather ferocious beast is willing to take on women anglers as well! The animal has a powerful natural radar system running along its sides. It has a bit like a hound in the water because it has a keen sense of smell. Experts believe that it can see up to 100 feet, though it is not averse to lurking in muddy and relatively still estuarine waters.

There are no reports as yet of largemouth bass attacking people, but it spares neither frogs, nor snakes, and not even birds. It attacks bait with such awesome power that nothing can quite prepare you for a first encounter. Clearly, largemouth bass fishing is not for the faint hearted, and there is no harm in checking with a physician before you set out to try and land this fish, if you have any cardiac issues!

Largemouth Bass Fishing Traditions

Though nature first gifted this fish to sunny Florida, the official record for the largest catch, which is over 20 pounds, belongs to Georgia. Respect for the enemy characterizes largemouth bass fishing, and most anglers release even trophy-sized catch. Certainly, a mere tear in the jaw deters no mature largemouth bass, and any injury caused by tackle seems to be quickly forgotten.

The meat is not exceptional, and some water bodies are known to impart a less than pleasant flavor, which requires special culinary skills to eliminate. Largemouth bass fishing is therefore representative of real sporting values rather than a way to put food on the table! The first two calendar months are most important for spawning in Florida, and proud fathers, as you might expect, guard eggs and young ones with fearless zeal.