Fishing Post Spawn Bass Takes Timing And Patience

During the spring after bass have laid their eggs, successfully fishing post spawn bass requires knowledge of the water as well as patience. The males will stay behind to guard the next while the females head out to find food, and with water temperatures fluctuating between 60 and 70 in the Midwest, it is an ideal time to leave the smaller males on the nests and go fishing post spawn bass to find the females between 10 and 25 pounds in most lakes.

Typically, they will hover in water six to eight feet deep in areas that provide adequate cover as well as an abundance of food options. Remember, they just laid their eggs and are hungry, but they are also sluggish. Slow movements of the bait work best and some environments when fishing post spawn bass allowing the bait to lie still for long periods, up a minute, may produce more of the big fish than a steady cast and retrieve habit. Many anglers are anxious to fill their fish bags right after the spawn and change fishing spots often, but casting a few times in one area and then moving on will not attract the fish.

When an angler has studied the bottom for rock piles dividing weed beds, and knows where the new shoots of plant life are springing up from the bottom, they can be confident they have found a ripe spot for pulling the big females from the water. When fishing post spawn bass, staying with the spot the angler feels the most confidence with usually pays off in the end.

Not Every Catch Will Be Contest Worthy

They may have to wade through a few of the smaller ones running late on spawning as well as a few males on the nest, but the bigger females will find their bait. While others fishing post spawn bass will be weighing in at contest tables with maybe 20 pounds of bass, the patient anglers can bring in their winning sack of females.

Fishing around docks seem to make the fish more aggressive, almost like they want to eat and get away and can provide some fast action, but the baits still require slow movement. Many females would prefer if their food was thrust into their face, but as the time passes after laying eggs, fishing post spawn bass can see a return of aggression in the new mothers. However, in the beginning of the season, slow deliberate movements will draw more attention than late spring and summer bait action will.