Black Bass Fishing With Shiners Made Easy

Black bass fishing with shiners is not new. Bass love the bony little fish that is a member of the carp family. Shiners are farmed commercially and sold all over the United States as common bait. Black bass fishing with shiners has caught on, perhaps because the small bait fish can survive in many types of water and environments.

Touted as one of the best fish for bass foraging, the shiner can be purchased directly from shiner farms or in live bait shops. Occasionally you can find shiners for sail in country stores that are close to facilities that race the bait fish.

Tricks For Black Bass Fishing With Shiners

When fishing for black bass with shiners, the best method to employ is trolling. Trolling with shiners involves hooking the shiner securely through its mouth and rigging a line to drift behind your boat. This works best if the set up also includes a strike indicator such as a balloon. The strike indicator needs to be at least two feet away from the hooked shiner. You need to carefully heed where the balloon is in respect to its distance from the shiner. As you start to move your boat, trolling your line, understanding where the shiner is in relation to your strike indicator will help you keep tabs on your bait. At any point as you fish, you can look at the balloon and know exactly where the shiner is.

Once you have set up your trolling shiner, you can slowly move the boat forward. As the boat moves, the shiner will move with it, luring black bass to the surface. Bass tend to eat shiners head first, which means when fishing black bass with shiners, you can be confident the bass is hooked if it has taken the shiner into its mouth. You can up your chance at successfully catching bass by placing a trolling shiner on each side of the boat and out the back. With three shiners swimming alongside you, the bass are sure to take notice.

Your shiner will be the best indication of where the bass are in any lake you troll. When bass are near, shiners are naturally afraid and begin to swim erratically. When your shiner begins to move about, stop the boat and let the bass move up to the surface to take the bait. At that point all you need to do is patiently reel in your catch.