Bass Fly Fishing A Matter Of Knowing When And Where

When more people think about fly fishing they think about pulling trout from a cold stream, but as water reach a tepid 60 degrees, bass can become more aggressive and provide some exciting bass fly fishing. Although each bass is different, some more aggressive than others, even the shy ones can be harassed into hitting popper on the surface if the angler stays with it long enough.

Most people, except the avid bass fisherman, think of the species of feeding lower in the water, depending on the temperature and under 50 degree tend to look fro grub-like baits near the bottom. However, as the water warms and the bugs become plentiful bass fly fishing can provide a day of catching not experienced from the bottom. Some of the fish may be a little reluctant to hit on a fly, and after a few flicks near the timid fish may produce a healthy strike.

Some even find success when bass fly fishing by presenting smaller baits to the less aggressive fish and when they begin to show confidence, will slip on a larger fly for the offering. In many cases it seems as though the target has warmed up to a healthy meal and the progressively larger flies spur the fish into biting.

Different Equipment Needed For Bass Fly Fishing

To fish the surface for bass, fly fishing equipment will be needed as the old standard reels and rods used for crank baits and spinner bait will not enable the angler to put the bait exactly where it needs to be, considering the weight of the popper or fly. Unless the angler is experienced in both types of fishing, they may want to practice casting a while before heading for the lake to go bass fly fishing.

It can make for a weary day sitting in the boat, repeatedly casting the bait while watching bass jump to the surface and swallow a natural top bait. Being able to pick up another rod for bass fly fishing and bringing a few lunkers into the boat can change the outlook of the day. For those that claim bass cannot be caught on fly equipment, have obviously never tried bass fly fishing.

Fishing for bass with fly equipment can be done from a boat or from the shore and most time the poppers won't get caught up in the grass under the surface. Bass fly fishing can make for a cleaner approach of getting the right bait into the right part of the bass-filled water.