The Key To Bass Fishing With A Fly Rod

Bass fishing with a fly rod may seem funny to you. Traditionally trout are the fish of choice when you dust off your fly rod and head out to the water, but other fish such as carp, pike, and bass are all easily caught with a fly rod. If you are interested in bass fishing with a fly rod, there are just a few tricks you need to be aware of.

Bass On The Attack

Bass fishing with a fly rod makes perfect sense, because bass are aggressive hunters. If you have ever trolled for bass using live shiners, you know that they will attack their prey with a lunging motion, swallowing them headfirst. If they can't get a shiner in their mouth at first try, a bass will actually buffet its body against the little fish trying to stun it into submission.

With this kind of attack mentality it makes perfect sense that bass fishing with a fly rod works well. With its large mouth, bass can engulf bait with strong precision that is amazing to watch. To catch a big mouth bass using a fly rod you employ many of the same techniques you use when you catch a trout. Flip the fly over the water, drop it through the glistening surface and let it do its job. You will find bass are easier to hook than trout when it comes to fly fishing.

The Best Fly And Rod To Use For Bass Fishing With A Fly Rod

Wooly Buggers are without a doubt the best fly for bass fishing with a fly rod. The large size of this particular fly makes it perfect for enticing large and small mouth bass alike. While most bass will try for any size of dry fly, the larger the fly the better.

The best rod for catching bass is a 6 to 7 weight fly rod. It is best to use a rod that has both a floating and sinking line. People have been known to catch bass using a 4 or even a 5 weight fly rod, but it is hard to cast such big flies. Before your head out to the water get a feel for the fly rod you plan to use. You don't want it too heavy or you won't have a comfortable cast. You will need a comfortable cast when you go bass fishing with a fly rod, because you will have so much fun you won't want to stop.