Bass Fishing Wallpaper Shows Extreme Love Of Sport

Some people just can't get enough of fishing to satisfy their love of the sport. Everything they own is related to fishing and they may even have one of those giant resin fish-shaped mailboxes at the end of their driveway. However, you'll know they are true fish lovers when they fire up their computer and bass fishing wallpaper takes over their monitor screen.

For those who know more about fishing than computers, the term wallpaper applies to the picture on the computer screen when the desktop is showing. The program icons remain in the forefront, but the background picture can be anything you want it to be. You can find a picture of a bass online in many places or take one of you with a trophy catch and create your own bass fishing wallpaper. If it turns out to be too tough, then ask the nearest 10-year-old for help.

One of the most downloaded bass fishing wallpaper pictures is that of a largemouth bass swimming under water. It appears to look into the camera as the photo was snapped, and provides an idea background to the desktop for bass fishing lovers. Every time they turn on their machine they will be reminded of where they would rather be, invoking some serious thoughts of the next trip to the lake.

Animated Wallpaper Brings Screen To Life

With many computers the bass fishing wallpaper can be animated to show the fish swimming around the screen making at appear as though it is in an aquarium. Essentially, a short movie clip is added to the wallpaper options and then loaded to the wallpaper to appear on screen. For even more fishy actions, if the computer is set with a screensaver an animated or static photo of a fish can also be made to dance around the screen once the monitor goes into sleep mode.

The options of pictures for bass fishing wallpaper are numerous and one might be found to show the growth progression of the fish from fry to grand daddy tight before the user's eyes on the screen. If there is someone really good with computers, a screenshot from the favorite bass fishing video game can also be gleaned and used as bass fishing wallpaper.

For those who do not enjoy fishing, a bass fishing wallpaper photo can be great gift or a nice surprise to the angler in the house, and including a matching mousepad can show how much their hobby is supported.