Basic Bass Fishing Tips

Looking for a few bass fishing tips? Here are the most basic ones and they deal with the basic feeding patterns of the fish.

Bass fishing remains a wildly popular freshwater fishing sport and is probably only second to trout fishing as the most exciting lake fishing sport. (Yes, there are a multitude of variety of salt water bass and there is also a sea trout commonly called a "weakfish" due to its diminished jaw capacity, but the salt water sport fishing of them is not as popular or as exciting as their freshwater counterparts) Part of the reason for bass fishing enormous popularity is the fact that large and small mouth bass as solid fighters and reeling them in can be quite exciting. Additionally, bass are fairly intelligent predators and can seemingly realize when 'something is up' and will be extra cautious if their suspicion is raised. As such, it becomes important to understand a few bass fishing tips if you wish to catch them.

Day and Night, Night and Day

Bass really do not like the sunlight. Their eyes are sensitive to it and they do not like being out in the open where potential predators can see them. This is why bass will stay in the reeds on the lake close to shore. Therein lies a quandary - how can you get them if you are on the shoreline and unable to cast into the reeds effectively? Here are a few bass fishing tips to aid in overcoming your dilemma.

First, head to the lake as the sun is rising and the sun is setting. The direct sunshine will no longer hit the entirety of the lake and the bass will emerge out of the reeds and further away from the shoreline. Also, in the early morning, bass will mount a feeding frenzy against the insects that are unlucky enough to land on the water. This makes them very susceptible to lures, particularly top water ones.

Bass Fishing Tips for the Adventurous

Now, what happens if the sun rises and it is mid-afternoon? Well, there are a few little bass fishing tips that can deal with the sun, but here is one tip that can eliminate the problem of the fish returning to the reeds: purchase one of those cheap little two person rubber rafts, head out onto the lake maybe 10 - 15 feet from the shore and cast into the reeds. You will nail them all day doing that as there will be no sunlight reaching them in the reed cover.