The Importance of Bass Fishing Reports

A wise fisherman knows that checking out the bass fishing reports before making a trip is a smart move. The reason for this is that skipping the all important bass fishing reports on the activity of the fish can lead to a potential disaster such as the one described below:

Bass Fishing Reports - A Cautionary Tale

Imagine this following scenario: it is the summer time and you have been able to get a day off during the week. You figure this is a great time to head out to the lake for some rest and relaxation and, most importantly, you realize that this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a little bass fishing. After all, bass fishing is fun and exciting and, usually, it is a safe bet that you will get a bite. Bass are predatory fish that have certain feeding patterns and if you are familiar with these patterns, you can work them to your advantage.

So, you head out to the lake and spend a full eight hours there. While the first couple of hours were spent not catching anything, you let is slide because you just got there. The next two hours became increasingly frustrating as the bass were seemingly "not at home." The remaining four hours were torturously boring and there was nary a bass in sight.

Now, imagine how you would feel if you later found out from a series of published bass fishing reports that the lake you had visited had been 'dead' for fishing for weeks while a neighboring lake was doing "booming business." You would probably feel that you wished you had read those bass fishing reports before you headed out to the lake!

The Primary Purpose of Bass Fishing Reports

The primary purpose of bass fishing reports is to give the proverbial 'heads up' to those who are heading out for a day in the sun fishing by advising them on fishing conditions. These reports usually involve explaining the type of fish caught, the amount of fish caught, when they were caught, the weather and visibility conditions, etc. This provides both a warning or a recommendation in terms of the particulars of a specific fishing area as well as providing statistical data in order to track trends to devise a successful plan of action.

In short, paying attention to bass fishing reports can circumvent a number of potential problems so keep tabs on the reports as often as possible.