Various Bass Fishing Lures

Bass fishing remains a hugely popular sport. So popular is bass fishing that is has spawned a circuit of professional fishermen (and women) who take part in a number of tournaments such as the Bass Masters Classic and a host of other events. Also, there is a significant number of amateur tournaments that can offer an interesting competitive twist on the sport.

Of course, in order to be successful in bass fishing, you are going to need to actually catch some bass. While most folks are content with dangling a worm underneath a "bobber," there is a much more proactive way of catching these freshwater predators. Such a way involves the employment of bass fishing lures. There is a enormous volume of different types of bass fishing lures, but the most common (and effective) are as follows:

Rubber Worms

Why go through all the trouble of struggling with real worms when rubber versions make excellent bass fishing lures? The usage of the rubber lures is different than the live bait version. With the rubber lures, a 'lead head' is used to add weight for casting and the bass will usually hit the worm on its descent to the bottom of the lake. If it hits bottom without a strike, real it in towards the surface and let it drop again.

Crank Baits

Crank baits are used as either top water or sinking lures and their primary purpose is to imitate a weak or injured fish. Additionally, these bass fishing lures make a cranking noise designed to attract the fish by sound. Reel crank baits slowly and skittishly or the illusion of injury will be blown.

Spinner Baits

Spinner baits are odd looking lures that have an oversized metal spinning attachment connected to them. The purpose of these bass fishing lures is to attract a fish through antagonism as opposed to hunger. They work well all year, but they can be employed during the spawning season when the bass are not in an eating mood.


Poppers are similar to crank baits, but poppers are exclusively top water lures. They make a 'popping' sound as they move across the water and are designed for use during hot summer months when top water stimulation attracts bass. As with crank baits, popper bass fishing lures should be reeled in slowly.

Again, there are many more types of bass fishing lures, but the aforementioned lures are the most popular. Considering the fact that they are popular because they work, perhaps they are all the lures a person needs.