Bass Fishing in Ontario: An Angler's Dream Come True

Bass fishing in Ontario is a treat for anglers because of its wide variety of bass. Even those with little experience of bass fishing in Ontario are sure to have a satisfying day on the lakes, rivers or creeks. The smallmouth bass and largemouth bass are the most sought after ones here. The smallmouth bass is characterized by its lower jaw that does not extend beyond its eye, unlike the largemouth bass.

The smallmouth bass is native to the open waters of the Great Lakes and Canada's glacier Lakes. The thousands of little streams, lakes and creeks are also great locations to go bass fishing in Ontario. Northern Ontario particularly is famous for it smallmouth bass that thrive in the clear waters of the rocky lakes, with sparse vegetation. Generally the smallmouth bass is about ten to twenty inches long. The largest one caught in Ontario was almost eleven pounds in weight.

Good places to go largemouth bass fishing in Ontario are the warmer bodies of water with a shallow cover of either rocky outcrops or woody overhangs or even weeds. The larger lakes of Canada have varied habitat as a result of which anglers can easily find an overlap of smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing in Ontario. They are particularly easy to locate in shallow waters during spring while they go into deeper terrains during summer.

Techniques for Bass Fishing in Ontario

Fishing Charters on Lake Ontario offer memorable trips and it is not uncommon to hear of record trophy size catch of the largemouth bass. Many charters offer a package that included a boat, guide and lodging - all elements for a perfect bass fishing vacation in high season. Most of the lakes in Ontario have several well equipped fishing charter companies. Many outfitters offer American plan accommodation and housekeeping too.

The popular bait for smallmouth bass fishing in Ontario is minnow, crayfish and leeches. The smallmouth bass moves in large schools, so be sure to drop the bait again immediately after the first catch. Jigs, rattletraps and cranks are very useful on a fishing trip. Light to medium action seven foot spinning rods work well in open waters. They are hard fighters so be prepared for a battle with a big 'un.

Flip and pitch techniques in shallow waters with weeds and stumps work well with largemouth bass. Jerk baits and plastic worms are successful in top water action. Diving crank baits lure both species in deeper waters.