Welcome to Bass Fishing in Florida

When it comes to finding the best bass fishing in the world, there are a number of areas that are commonly mentioned. Southern California, particularly San Diego and Orange County, have a significant volume of lakes that are loaded with bass populations. The mountains of Pennsylvania are also quite well stocked with bass of all shapes and sizes.

However, if there was one area that was hugely popular for bass fishing it would be the state of Florida. Florida is famous for having a large number of lakes and these lakes are filled with largemouth bass. (They are also filled with snakes so be careful!) Because of this bass fishing in Florida remains incredibly popular and draws a number of people from all around the world to take part in the sport.

The Lake Population

One of the reasons that bass fishing in Florida is so popular is the fact that there are a number of lakes in the region. In fact, the sheer volume of lakes is quite surprising. Since Florida is notorious for torrential rainfall, there run off from the rain will create a series of lakes.

Additionally, there are a number of man made lakes in the Florida region as well. Of course, this begs the question where did all the bass come from as these lakes are relatively new. The answer here is that ducks, geese and seagulls will travel from lake to lake. During the spawning season, the feathers of these birds may end up 'collecting' bass eggs.

When they travel to a new lake, the eggs end up deposited in their new home. As strange as such a process sounds, it is 100% true. It is also a major reason why bass fishing in Florida is so popular. Thanks to the birdlife, there is a great expansion of the bass population which in turn expands the opportunities for bass fishing in Florida.

Tourism and Bass Fishing in Florida

There are a great number of bass charter boats available in the Florida area. The competition has spawned a number of professional bass 'seekers' who can help those looking to take advantage of Florida's bass population actual find some of those bass. These people are solid professionals and can make the fishing trip quite rewarding. Because of this, a fishing trip to the state of Florida (sometimes in conjunction with the other aspects of Florida tourism) can be quite the fun time. So, perhaps that should be you next destination come vacation time!