Looking at Saltwater Bass Fishing

If you flip on your digital cable box to any number of sports programming channels, you will eventually come across a fishing program. The subject matter of the program will vary but the most common fish that are targeted are trout, salmon and bass. Of the three, bass fishing seems to be the most popular. Of, more accurately, fresh water bass fishing is the most popular as the salt water version of the sport is routinely ignored. This is somewhat distressing considering the fact that on both the east and west coast of the United States, Sea Bass, Sand Bass, Calico Bass and Striped Bass are incredibly popular in terms of the number of people who head out on a 'party boat' and seek the treasure that the ocean has to offer in terms of bass fishing.

The Basics of Saltwater Bass Fishing

One of the reasons that saltwater bass fishing is so popular is the fact that it is an easy venture to embark upon. Almost all bass trips take place on party boats where one purchases an admission ticket and then heads out to sea on the boat. The captain and the crew take care of pretty much everything and provide all that you need for the trip. Of course, the less people on the boat the more relaxed it can be. (10 people are better than 85) So, it is advisable to try and head out on the water on weekdays as opposed to weekends and to (generally) avoid booking a trip on a major holiday.

Saltwater bass will strike on bait and lures or elaborate methods of enticing them are not necessary. Common baits used are clams, squid and sardines. Sometimes live sardines are used, but this is not always necessary

The Volume Makes The Trip

When it comes to saltwater bass fishing, one of the things that make the trip so memorable is the fact that the sheer number of fish one can catch is extraordinary. This is because bass will congregate in huge numbers in feeding areas. Often, they will congregate in huge numbers around a sunken ship (this is commonly called 'wreck fishing') and will hit on any bait put in front of them. Please note: there are limits on the number and size of certain fish in different states so please check applicable laws or face an apparent fine. If you do pay strict attention to the law, then no worries…the trip will turn out to be just fine!