Southern Pit Barbeque Parties

If there's one thing the South is known for, it's Southern pit barbeque parties. There's nothing like getting the friends and family together around the backyard barbeque pit. The beer's flowing, the meat's on the grill and everyone's laughing and getting caught up since the last time there was a Southern pit barbeque party. You don't need to live in the south to have a Southern pit barbeque party, however. You only need a pit, some meat, a marinade and the company to make an actual party.

The Pit

To have a Southern pit barbeque party, you need a barbeque pit. There are many kinds of pits and really any one of them will do. It should be big enough to accommodate the amount of meat you're going to cook. You should be able to gauge how much meat you'll be cooking depending on how many people show up at the party. Remember that you can cook meat and then take it down before you put more on but the more space you have on your Southern barbeque pit, the less the chance the meat will get cold while the new meat is cooking.

Space isn't the only thing you need to consider. You also have to decide whether or not you want a gas grill or a charcoal burning grill. Some claim that you can taste the gas on the meat while others say the gas is completely tasteless. Some claim that charcoal grills give the meat a more smoky flavor and some claim that charcoal grills don't cook the meat as evenly. So there are those for and against both types of grills. You just have to decide which camp you lie in.

The Meat

Southern pit barbeque parties are perfect for beef, chicken, pork, hot dogs, sausage, or anything else you decide to cook. Some people cook a multitude of meat on their grills so as to allow people more of a choice in what they'd like to eat. The meat should be cooked in a marinade which is the secret of any self respecting griller.

The Marinade

Some use salad dressing and some use beer. Some use their own special concoction and some use a family recipe that has lasted generations. The internet is full of marinades that will really make the flavor of the meat pop. Once you decide on yours, it's likely you won't want to let anyone know the recipe but you really should decide on a marinade if you want your Southern Barbeque pit party to be a success.

Now all you need is some people to come to your party. These are very popular in the South and they're perfect for family reunions, weekend get togethers or even birthday parties. So fire up that grill and let's have us a party Southern style.