Having a Beach Barbeque Pit Party

The beach is a great place to have a party. When you gather all your friends, coolers full of drinks and some music, you have everything you need. But do you? What about feeding everyone? You could pack sandwiches in the coolers or you could go with a beach barbeque pit party. A beach barbeque pit party is easy to do and it makes hot and great food for everyone. After all, what's a beach party without the barbeque? First, you'll need a beach barbeque pit. You'll need the meat and a marinade to put it in. You'll need the items to cook the meat on the beach barbeque pit and you'll need plates to put the meat on once it's done. Beyond that all you need is the people and the beer; or whatever else they're going to drink.

Getting a Pit

For a beach barbeque pit party, you're going to need a pit. You wouldn't really get a pit that you'd use in your backyard. These are hard to wheel out into the sand and they're very bulky. Instead, get a beach barbeque pit. These are typically like tubes that you stick in the sand. You put a grate over the top and then a cover. These are cheaper than normal grills and they'll do the trick nicely. You can also make your own using the above specifications. As long as the grill holds the meat you'll be cooking and it's big enough to accommodate everyone, you've picked the right pit for your needs.

The Meat

Marinate the meat in the marinade of your choice. If you're not sure of what to marinade the meat in, you can find marinades on the internet or you can ask someone who grills a lot. People who grill a lot often have their own marinade they use. Some don't like to give up their recipes and some will be more than happy to. Marinade the meat overnight or at least a few hours before you head to the beach. Pack the meat carefully in coolers and then head to the beach. Light the charcoal in your beach barbeque pit and then put the meat on. That's all there is to it.

Don't forget the plates to put the meat on. Paper plates will do fine. Of course, as it is with most beach parties, people might be drinking so much they won't mind using their hands. It doesn't matter as you can always just go into the water to wash yourself off after you eat.