Creating Your Own Home Made Barbeque Rub

If you are looking to start smoking your own meat at home you are going to want to develop your own signature barbeque rub recipe. There are many different barbeque rub recipes out there to start off with, but each of them has very similar basic ingredients. Before you develop your own barbeque rub you need to first decide what meat you are going to barbeque. For the purpose of this article I am going to look at pork barbeque rub ideas. Pork is one of the most flavorful and best meats to smoke.

Setting The Groundwork For A Great Barbeque Rub

The following is a guide for creating your own barbeque dry rub. In any rub you are going to see 8 main ingredients: salt, sugar, brown sugar, ground cumin, chili powder, ground pepper, cayenne pepper and paprika. For the most part you are going to want to start off your rub by using these ingredients, other then paprika, in a fairly equal mix. I would take a teaspoon or two of each of the ingredients, the mix them with a quarter cup of the paprika. This will set up a great base for your rub.

Each of the ingredients has a different effect on the flavor of the meat. Salt, used for thousands of years, is a very familiar flavor to all of us and it works very well with pork. Plain sugar can add a significant amount of sweetness to the barbeque rub. Brown sugar does as well, but it also adds a unique caramel and molasses flavor. Ground cumin gives depth and body to the flavoring of your rub, and chili powder brings in the intense heat with flavor. If you are looking to add even more spice, I would cut down on the sugars and salts and lean much more heavy into the peppers and cumin. Cayenne in particular is a very hot spice that is almost pure heat. The other flavor that you can bring into the mix is jalapeno. I like to use a pinch of dried and crushed jalapeno for a unique flavor in my rubs. You can play around and dry different mixes until you find one you think will work well.

In addition to the barbeque rub a lot of flavor will come from the actual smoking process. The wood you use, what you put in the steamer bowl, will all have a big impact on the overall flavor of your meat. Try different things and see how it comes out, have the fun is in the experimentation.