Barbeque Pit For A Different Kind Of Flavor

There are many different forms of barbeques available all around the world. The various methods of barbeques have developed according to the different types of cuisines and cultures around the world. Some of these include Brazilian barbeques, Australian Barbie's, American barbeques and South African braai's.

As with each type of barbeque, the methods vary as well as the tools used for barbeques. In the olden days barbeques were cooked by building barbeque pits. However, modern day various grillers and smokers have been designed and built for more conventional barbeques.

Different Barbeque Pits

The two main types of barbeque pit used nowadays are brick barbeque pits and metal barbeque pits. A popular sidewinder pit will have the measurements of 400mm to 500mm diameter and 600mm to 1000mm in length. Larger versions are also available which can get as large as a wagon. It may also come with a firebox at the end of one side. For less sophisticated pits, fire pits are also available for barbeques. Metal barbeque smokers are popular these days because it is more convenient in that it is portable.

Features Of Barbeque Pits

With the larger barbeque pits, portability is one of the most favored features as they are easy to take if going on a road trip holiday. Portability is made possible by the addition of wheels, axle and cogs. Other features include different types of grills such as slide out grills and framed grills. There may have pipe drain, spring handles, ability to adjust the amount of air intake as well as smoke stacks. Some have water bottle holders, light and wiring and spare tires.

The smaller backyard barbeque pits for family and friend cooking fun comes with square or rectangular fireboxes with hard plastic wheels. Most are stainless steel and the grills are made specially to reduce uneven temperatures such as hot and cold spots in the cooking chamber. Other features include heat retention and smoke leakage prevention.

Fire pits are the more basic pits as it only has a round metal container for charcoal on which a a grill may be placed and finally, supported by a tripod

Advantages Of Barbeque Pit Cooking

With a large pit, one of the best advantages is that everyone can cook their own meet so no one can complain about bad cooking. However, on a more serious note, large pits can allow for cooking in bulk and is especially convenient for parties. Fire pits allow for either wood or charcoal use depending on preference as well as taste. Finally, apart from normal cooking, it is also a good way to provide friends and family warmth on a chilly day.