The Modern Barbeque

Enjoying the summer sun is often accommodated with enjoying outdoor cooking as well. The modern way of cooking a barbeque is often using a barbeque pit smoker. This is because it saves you from having to build a temporary stone pit or only being able to barbeque if you have a stone pit, thus allowing everyone to enjoy the flavors of barbeque meat.

Depending on what is right for you, barbeque pit smokers come in all shapes and sizes from the small family pit smoker to that being as big as a wagon that can accommodate up to 100 peoples' stomachs.

Choosing Your Barbeque Pit Smoker

If you are considering about getting a barbeque pit smoker there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration before launching on your shopping spree. One of which of course includes the budget on which you want to spend on a barbeque pit smoker. Then you have to look at the types (forms, sizes and models) that you want.

You need to consider the types of fuel source you want to use. These days the pit smokers accommodate for the more traditional fuel such as charcoal, gas or wood, then there is the more modern ones that uses electricity.

With charcoal and gas you will need to keep watch on the temperature and having to keep adding more should they finish. With electricity however, this problem would be solved. Subsequently depending on which you may choose, the flavor of the food may also be affected.

Then you need to consider the size. Size will depend on what you are buying the smoker for. If you would be inviting guests over? If you do how many?

Finally, you will need to consider where you may store it and its portability if you are to be taking it on holiday with you. Some smokers have wheels for easy transporting.

Styles Of Barbeque

Since barbeque has been in every culture, from braai's of South Africa to Barbie's of Australia and UK, its development has lead to the variety of barbeque styles. Styles can vary by culture or even regionally. Some examples of barbeque techniques in some parts of America are shown below, many of which uses the barbeque pit smoker.

North Carolina using vinegar based sauce, Alabama and Georgia may use sweet tomato based sauce, East Texas uses traditional Southern pit barbeque which is pork based and cooked indirectly over hickory wood and finally the cowboy style of open pit barbeque (does not use barbeque pit smoker).