How To Clean Your Barbeque Grill And Make It Last Longer

One of the main reasons why barbeque grills tend to have shorter lifespan that they should is that most of us do not know how to clean their barbeque grill after use. In most cases, we tend be lazy when it comes to cleaning our barbeque grill after a cookout in our backyard. Instead of cleaning off some food debris on the barbeque grill, most of us just take one look at the dirty grill and think that we can always do the job the next day. Unfortunately, not all of us are good when it comes to keeping promises so we end up putting the barbeque grill into the storage room without even bothering to clean off the food debris in it. The next thing we know, out barbeque gas grill no longer functions as it should. The worst part of it is that the next time we use the grill, dirty in it can affect the taste and smell of our barbeque.

Since replacing our barbeque grill can be quite costly, we should learn to be more careful when it comes to maintaining our grill. No, it not difficult to clean our barbeque grills after use. In fact, it takes only a few minutes to clean the grill, air dry it and it put it away. Here are some easy steps that should help us keep our grills working longer.

Cleaning Your Barbeque Grill

Food particles tend to cling to the grill while cooking, to remove food debris from the grill wait until the grill has completely cool down and then brush the grill with a stiff wire brush. Clean the interior part of the grill thoroughly. Do not use soap and water to clean the interior part of the grill. If you want to clean up the grate, you may remove it from the barbeque grill before washing it with soap and warm water. Do not use any bleaching agents or harsh chemicals to remove any food substances that may cling on the grates. To remove stubborn food particles, soak the grates for a few minutes and then methodically brush the grates to remove the food particles. Air dry the grates before putting it back inside the grill.

After cleaning the interior part of the grill, you may now start cleaning its exterior part. Use warm soapy water to wash the grates and the exterior of the grill. You need to air dry the grill after cleaning and then put it in a safe place.