Enjoying Your Indoor Barbeque Grill

I need to start with a disclaimer: I used to be a barbeque grill purist. I thought that grilling over anything but a hardwood fire wasn't real grilling. Grudgingly, if I didn't have wood on hand or the time to get it, I would put charcoal in my barbeque grill. Gas? Forget it. As far as I was concerned, gas grilling was for sissies or people who didn't know any better. But lately, I have come around (my wood-grilling friends would say I've gone over to The Dark Side). I have used and enjoyed a couple of different gas grills, and I have to admit, the convenience and increased temperature control of gas grilling has really made a believer out of me. Furthermore, I don't think I've sacrificed much in the area of taste. At least, my family isn't complaining.

What's the Difference between Outdoor and Indoor Barbeque Grilling?

Having said all that, my opinion is that indoor barbeque grilling is really only for those times when weather or other circumstances make it impossible or impractical to grill outside. You just can't get the same barbeque flavor in foods grilled inside, though with some grills and preparations, you can get close. However, we all know that there are times when it's just not possible to fire up the outside grill. For those times, indoor barbeque grilling can work out as an acceptable substitute. The biggest difference with indoor barbeque grilling is that you need to use either an electric or a properly vented gas grill that is made specifically for grilling indoors. Almost all these units are electric, though it's possible to get a gas unit mounted on a stove, with a rotisserie attachment and venting. As you can imagine, with all the setup needed, indoor gas grills are usually way more expensive. Why do you have to have a unit built for indoor grilling? Because outdoor grills produce carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas. Outside, it doesn't matter; the gas disperses in the open air. But using an outdoor grill indoors can kill you. Don't risk it, even in the garage.

Some Popular Indoor Barbeque Grills

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen advertisements for one of the George Foreman electric barbeque grills. These come in several models, from counter-top, folding size to large units on a stand that can be used indoors or outdoors. Most incorporate non-stick surfaces and relatively easy cleanup. Other popular electric brands include Sanyo, Chefmaster, and West Bend. Indoor gas grills are made by Jenn Air, Capital, and ProFire.