Patience Is a Virtue with Barbeque Grill Cooking

Barbeque grill cooking is typically the best way to cook a wonderful barbeque meal. It does take a lot of time to create a meal through this type of cooking, so people who are in a rush are not usually the ones who enjoy preparing this type of meal. Barbeque grill cooking is a great option for a social atmosphere since the grill smells great during the process, and since it takes hours to cook in some cases, it provides the opportunity to socialize while enjoying the cooking process, checking the meat, applying more marinade, and turning it over.


There are different ways to do barbeque grill cooking, such as using a gas grill, a charcoal grill or using a smoker. Gas grills are a convenient way to do barbeque grill cooking since they heat up immediately and the heat level is easy to control throughout the grilling process. The grills are usually larger than charcoal grills that also give more options to moving pieces of meat that are done more quickly than the others to the side where they can stay warm but not get over cooked. Gas grills do not give the unique flavor of the charcoal grills, however, and are often shunned for this reason.

Charcoal grills take more time to use in barbeque grilling and also more expertise. First of all, the charcoal has to be lit and allowed to burn until it gets down to having just the red hot coals which are what is used to cook the meat. These coals must be spread out so that an even amount of heat is used across the surface of the grill. In order to prevent the wires of the grill from sticking to the meat, the grill surface should not be added to the grill until the coals are ready for cooking the meat. If the right amount of charcoal is not used, the coals will run out before the meat is thoroughly cooked, which can be a problem when cooking barbeque ribs, or other meat that takes hours to grill. Thus, more finesse is needed when cooking on a charcoal grill than on a gas grill.

Another method that can be used with either type of grill is to smoke the meat in barbeque grill cooking. In this method, some type of wood chips is added to the grill under the meat so that they begin to smoke. To prevent the chips from flaring up into a flame, the chips are soaked in water before adding them to the coals so that they just smolder there under the meat, adding their unique flavor to the barbeque grill cooking.