An Assortment of Flavors with Barbeque Cooking

Barbeque cooking provides a delicious alternative to traditional indoor cooking. There are indoor grills that can be used as well to create wonderful barbeque dishes, but the best way to create barbeque, is through barbeque grill cooking outside, using either a charcoal or gas grill. There are many different ways to do barbeque cooking, such as using a smoker, using marinades, barbeque sauces and barbeque rubs. Every way barbeque cooking is done, the outcome is mouth wateringly delicious.

Sauces, Rubs, and Types of Grilling

There are many different books and websites full of recipes for barbeque cooking. Barbeque sauces are made with different bases to them that each creates a unique flavor for the meat. There are tomato based barbeque sauces, mustard based, vinegar based and fruit based. In addition, there is usually the barbeque sauce that is used as the marinade for whatever meat is being cooked on the barbeque. Next there is the marinade or other sauce that is used during the cooking process, and finally there is the finishing sauce that is either applied during the last part of the cooking process or is used when eating the meat.

There are also rubs that are used in barbeque cooking, often in conjunction with the sauces. These rubs are a mixture of spices and herbs that are rubbed directly onto the meat so that it soaks in even more thoroughly during the cooking process. The rubs do not tend to drip off as quickly as the sauces do, and help to ensure a richer flavor to the meat. Many times the meat will be left in a marinade for at least twenty-four hours, then rubbed, and then applied to the grill to begin the cooking process while additional sauces are added to maintain the flavor and moistness of the meat.

Finally, there are different methods of cooking barbeque that can be used. Barbeque can be cooked inside, but using an outdoor grill is the best option. This type of cooking does take a long time, so people who are used to an instant meal have to get used to the hours spent cooking that grilling requires, especially with certain types of meats like ribs. Barbeque cooking can be done over charcoal, which gives it a unique flavor, or over a gas grill. In addition, hickory or other types of wood chips can be added to either type of grill which adds its own unique flavor to the meat while it cooks through the smoke emitted from the chips.